Popular Fence Installation Trends for Vancouver Homes

As a Vancouver Fence Installation company, the team at QS Fencing keeps track of what’s popular when it comes to fences. While it’s easy to track what is cheap or what is durable, trends come and go, based on what homeowners are looking for their property. Here we have a look at some of the more popular trends recently.

Aluminum Picket instead of Wood: When it comes to a picket fence around a yard, white wood tends to come to mind. However, in Vancouver’s climate they’re not without their drawbacks. Regular repainting and maintenance to prevent or repair rot are both common problems. Aluminum fencing might cost more to buy and install, but it more than makes up for it with lower maintenance costs and are just as attractive. It even comes in white.

Ornate wrought iron fences are king when it comes to strength and versatility for their environment. They are extremely durable and difficult to knock down, and can add a classic old world look to a property. But they are expensive and, like wood, require regular maintenance. Rust rather than rot is the enemy of iron.

Steel fences have the advantage of cost savings, and are easy to install. While they aren’t as strong as wrought iron, and can’t be easily forged or carved into the same beautiful shapes as wood or iron, steel bends rather than breaks, and as such are easier to repair than wood. Steel fences are usually treated with a layer of zinc and galvanized, which helps protect them from rust and therefore requires less maintenance than wrought iron. Still, in a place like Vancouver some maintenance should be expected. But overall, steel fences are one of the best when it comes to security and protection

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