Metal Fencing FAQs: What You Need to Know About Metal Fencing in Vancouver

The team at QS Fencing gets asked a lot of questions about metal fencing. As a Vancouver-based fence installation company, we’ve listed some of the most common questions and provided the answers.

What are the main benefits of metal?

First off, metal tends to be stronger and more secure than wood. A tall metal fence can be very difficult to breach. They also come in a wide variety of colours, allowing them to be useful in almost any environment. And everything from the practical but less-than-attractive chain-link fence to the beautiful but expensive wrought iron provides the same essential functions. It depends on the customer’s particular needs which they should choose.

How many types of metal fences are there?

There are many different styles and looks, but the main types are galvanized steel, wrought iron, and aluminum. But the variety goes beyond material alone. Aluminum, for example, includes both chain link fencing as well as straight posts.

Do they require a lot of upkeep?

Aluminum is naturally impervious to rust and does not require painting. Even fence types that do need periodic maintenance (such as wrought iron) have much lower upkeep compared to other fence materials. Galvanized steel should be recoated after so many years to help keep it rust-free.

What is the most expensive option?

Typically wrought iron is considered the most expensive, though its visual versatility is often a strong enough selling point to make it worth considering. But for larger properties this might be too expensive, and something cheaper, such as chain-link, should be considered.

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