Fencing Installations: Keeping the Peace with Good Fencing Etiquette

It’s been said that good fences make good neighbours. As a Vancouver fencing company, QS Fencing specializes in the repair and installation of metal fences. However, whether a fence is wood, metal, stone, or shrubbery, a little etiquette can go a long way to keeping relations friendly during the fencing installation process. 

First off, be mindful of property lines. Nobody likes to feel like they’re having part of their yard taken away, so make sure to measure where the fence is placed carefully. Double check the dimensions of the lot, considering any nearby trees or plants that might grow into it. To play it safe and set your fence a short distance inside the property line.

Check local laws and bylaws. The province, city, and even different municipalities could have specific rules regulating height and other factors. And you’ll need to apply for a variance if there’s a violation.

Be courteous. No matter what the relationship with neighbours, they should be informed of any construction plans in advance. As long as the fence line doesn’t infringe on their property, no approvals are required. However, a little courtesy can go a long way towards preventing hard feelings

If the fence happens to have only one side that’s finished, this is the side that will face the neighbours and the street. This is standard etiquette in the industry.

Perhaps most importantly, once the fence is installed, remember to keep it properly maintained. If any help is required, the team at  QS Fencing can assist in the repairs and maintenance of any metal fence. Call 604-345-5145 to learn more.